Web Marketing: Social media optimization

What is social media optimization?

Social media optimization (SMO)is the practice of optimizing and enhancing the visibility and sharing of a particular website and its content, brand and its products, organization and its services etc. on the social media and networking platforms such as social news websites, blogs, Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Social bookmarking websites such as StumbleUpon, video sharing websites, RSS feeds etc.

The motive of social media optimization is to popularize brands, products, services, organizations, causes etc. and to generate more traffic on the respective websites. Social media are chosen in order to generate popularity in a highly interactive, candid and attractive manner and build the desired reputation and image among the people.

Effects of Social Media Optimization

Social media optimization is known to generate impressive results and has some amazing effects on the marketing and advertising of the concerned websites, products, brands etc. as well.

First and foremost impact of SMO, apart from popularity on the social platforms, can be felt in the way the websites are ranked on search engines. The websites and webpages that are liked and shared on social media platforms are ranked higher on search engines as they are considered to contain more relevant and high quality content. Thus social media optimization also results in search engine optimization and hence gets much more traffic from both search engines and social media.

The second effect of SMO is that it serves as viral marketing for a particular website, brand, product, service, cause or organization. Viral marketing is achieved when more and more people start talking about certain something, post about it on their blogs, like and share its videos, start bookmarking it on social platforms and start sharing it on their social media profiles. This leads to word of mouth publicity aka viral marketing and ends up generating popularity, website traffic and higher search engine rankings.

Tips and techniques for Social media optimization

  • Generate interactive, attractive and share worthy content

In order to attract social media users and make them bookmark, talk about and share your website, brand, product or organization, it’s highly essential that you create appealing content and the users can feel urged to share and talk about. Use animations, graphics, fresh and relatable content that can get instant response from the viewers and readers.

  • Create a Facebook/Twitter/Pinterest/YouTube profile of your website/brand

Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Pinterest are four of the most widely used social networking platforms and creating an exclusive profile on all these platforms can be a great step in your path of social media optimization. It will help you connect and interact with the existing as well as prospective customers and share the latest news about your services/products which can be further liked and shared by your followers.

  • Install share and like buttons with your content posts and integrate your social media profiles on your main website

This is indeed one of the most effective ways to encourage rapid sharing of your website or content by all, those who visit the website, on their respective social media profiles. It will also help generate more followers for your social media profiles and subsequently lead to more traffic on your website.

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