Super 7 Refreshing jQuery Content Sliders that you need to get your hands on

jQueries are shaping the world of web design by adding new dimension in it. They are making web pages more interactive, interesting and flexible. And the best part, most of these jQueries are available for free. They help you make a website engaging, responsive and enhance users experience to a great extent. So, to put it in simple English, jQueries are definitely having an impact on the concept of website design. But there is a catch. There are so many different jQuery plugins available that it can make it really difficult for you to choose the best one. Now, if you are one of those designers or developers struggling to find the best jQuery for responsive content slider, here is the solution. Here we are going to give a roundup of some of the most amazing Responsive jQuery Content Sliders that can do wonder with your website design project.


This is a highly sophisticated slider that offers support for calledback API, native hardware acceleration, touch screen and rich content. It is one of those powerful jQuery sliders that can transform an ordinary template into something stunning.

Basic Slider
The name says it all. This is a basic slider but does the job precisely. Easy to use and it is extremely light weight. If you use this jQuery slider, it is certainly not going to slow down your website. A simple solution to basic web templates.


Well, as the name suggests, this image slider is certainly going to wow you because it has a cool collection different visual effects to choose from. Ken burns, fade, slices, squares, flying, rotating, blurring, flipping, blinds etc are some of the cool visual effects that come loaded with this slider. If you are still not impressed, it has loads of professional templates and there is a cool ‘point and click’ wizard in case, you wish to develop your own unique template.

Responsive Slides
This is a small plugin but it is immensely powerful. This plugin is compatible with almost all modern browsers and with the ancient IE 6. The only problem with this plugin is that all the images have to be of the same size.

This is another powerful and highly engaging image slider that works seamlessly with parallax animation, HTML element embedding and responsive elements. And this plugin is light, sophisticated and simple.

This is another feature rich image slider that offers support for different animations, custom navigation, callback API and touch swipe.


This is more than just an image slider. You can loads of interesting stuffs with this image slider that includes designing responsive layout, writing animated captions, adding unlimited number of captions and sliders. It looks stunning and it is easy to operate.

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