Some Common Types and Techniques of Computer Printing

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There are many types of printers available in the market. They all use printer cartridges but in a different fashion; hence, all have their own pros and cons.

Three of the most common printing techniques are explained below in detail. Make sure you go through the details so that you can easily decide which printer to go for.

Dot Matrix Printing

Dot matrix printing is a type of printing that utilizes the famous print mechanism used on a typewriter. In this type of printing, a print head runs in an up and down motion and prints by impact. A cloth ribbon is soaked in ink and strikes against the paper.

However, unlike a typewriter, this printing technology allows arbitrary graphics and varied fonts as letters are generally drawn out in this technology.

Over the years, this technology has greatly reduced in popularity with new and improved printing techniques finding more buyers. However, dot matrix printing is still the most preferred option where cost saving is of utmost value.

Low printing cost is this technique’s biggest advantage, which is why it is still commonly used in ATM machines, cash registers and fire alarm systems. On the downside, these printers are a little slow and may take a while if it is a page full of text or graphics. Plus, these may also create noise when the ribbon strikes on the paper.

Inkjet Printing

Inkjet printing is a commonly used printing technique in which a digital image is created by propelling ink droplets onto paper. These are different types of inkjet printers available ranging from small and affordable printers to big and expensive printers for commercial use.

There are many companies involved in the production of inkjet printing. These include HP, Canon, Lexmark and Epson. Inkjet printers are available all around the world and can be ordered online or bought from a physical store.

The inkjet printing technology came into the limelight mainly in the 1950s and found real acceptance in the 1970s when HP and Canon successfully developed high quality digital images with the help of this technique.

Contemporary inkjet printers use two major technologies called continuous and Drop-on-demand. The former method is generally used commercially while the latter is more commonly used in consumer inkjet printers.

Laser Printing

This is one of the most commonly used printing techniques. Laser printing processes rapidly and produces high quality results. Laser printers are considered great for every type of printing, be it plain text or graphics.

The first laser jet printer was invented in 1969 by Xerox. The technology quickly reached other hands and the first laser jet for offices was available by 1981. Today, there are several companies producing high quality laser jet printers that are apt for all kinds of use.

A xerographic printing process is employed in this type of printing. The image is produced with the help of a laser beam that directly scans the image across the photoreceptor. A Raster Image Processor creates the image that is to be printed. The source material is generally encoded in different languages including Adobe PostScript, Microsoft Open XML Paper Specification or HP Printer Command Language. A bitmap of the final image is created in the raster memory in the end.

Laser printers are easy to maintain and are designed to offer great ease to the user. Charging, cleaning, and handling of these printers are simple and easy. However, a study in Queensland, Australia, highlighted some negative effects of laser printers.

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