{Info Graphics} IP Address 192.168.1 – An Inside Look

Network Ip AddressThe IP address 192.168.1 is one of the most used on routers today and if you use a router, this is something you should be familiar with. If not, spend some time learning just what an IP address is and what its relationship to a router is., as it’s important.


A Detailed Look at IP Addresses


All computers and systems that are linked to the Internet have an IP address. The purpose of this IP address is to identify them and to help set up a connection. Numerous addresses are used and available and they can be found between to

This particular address, 192.168.1 is one that is commonly used in various routers.


They are usually set as the default IP address of broadband routers like those made by LinkSys, but this can actually be used by other companies. In addition, this IP address and others similar to it can be used by computers and other devices. One of the reasons why this address is used is that it prevents confusion.


Avoiding Confusion


As it is, there are already a lot of different routers and with different features. If they used different homepages, it would lead to even more confusion. That is why Linksys always uses this for their routers, so users will understand it. Another reason why it is used is that allows a user to settle into the computing environment more easily.


By using this IP address, you can enter into the settings of your router and make all the necessary changes. This is much more convenient than using other systems which can lead to more problems.

Even though this IP address is identified with LinkSys, it is not exclusive to it, and in fact, other companies can use it. This address is private, so any company that wants a private network can use this.


Other Information


This IP address by the way, is not limited to the use of computers but can also be used by a modem or other devices that are linked to the Internet. But even so, the device can only be connected to this address. If more than one is using this as their homepage on your network, problems will arise.


As long as only one of your devices is using it, there should be no issues. If you want to go to this page, just type this number as you would any other website on the address bar of your browser. After typing the name and hitting the enter key, you will be taken to your router’s home page. Here you will be able to adjust all the settings you want for your router. Two of the most common settings that will need to be adjusted here are the username and password.


Unless you are an advanced user, the username and password is all you need to be concerned about here. But if for some reason you want to change the default IP from this one to another, you can do so. Your router manual will provide all the details. While this is usually a safe and easy process, it is still a good idea to back up your files.


One of the reasons why users experience problems with their router is their lack of knowledge about IP address 192.168.1. By simply taking the time to study the subject, you will see that it is not that difficult or complex.

By Jack – The IP address is one of the components that is needed for helping identify your computer as it connects to the Internet. In addition, it is also used by routers for changing settings. Explore facts about IP address 192.168.1 and why it is so vital for routers.