HTC Wildfire S Review


The budget phone market craves for contestants like HTC Wildfire S – among the general lack of quality and attractive design, Wildfire S charms with the looks which would shy even some models of the higher tier. In this article we will give you a couple of essential pieces of data which should help you decide if this model would satisfy your taste.

When you think about HTC smartphones, you think about great design – sleek and attractive look which seems to reflect the quality of the device itself. 3.2 inch Wildfire S fits into this description completely – curved edges and a masterfully designed shape make the device feel great in your hand. Its casing is made of plastic, but don’t think for a moment that it makes the phone look cheap – as a matter of fact, the quality of the material only adds to the overall feeling of robustness. Wildfire S doesn’t look like something that breaks easily. The only drawback of the design is the unfortunate placement of four capacitive buttons below the screen – they are too close to it and clumsier hands might have problems with hitting them without hitting the display. While we are talking about the display, let us point out that the 320×480 resolution screen is average in quality. Its colors and responsiveness will satisfy everybody but the pickiest of customers.

HTC Wildfire S comes with the pre-installed Android 2.3 (although if you are the adventurous type you can try and update it with version 4.0) but its 600MHz of Qualcomm CPU are barely enough to support the system. Combined with 512MB of RAM memory, this doesn’t give the best user experience. The phone will block from time to time and force you to close some apps before you can continue working on it. This is not too frequent, but it’s definitely something you need to bear in mind when deciding whether to buy this phone. Generally, if you use your device for the simplest tasks (email, texting, Facebook, etc.) you shouldn’t have any problems, but if you demand more from your phone, better search somewhere else.

One serious shortcoming of Wildfire S is a lack of storage space. You have only 122MB available for your apps (150MB – 28MB of pre-installed apps) and since not all the applications can be transferred to SD card, this can prove to be quite a problem after a couple of months of use.

The phone’s camera is one of the better things about it. It’s 5MP and has auto-focus which works reasonably well. The picture quality isn’t too special, but, again, if you are a casual user who doesn’t have big expectations, you will like it.

Although it does have a couple of shortcomings, this smartphone is a great solution for all who appreciate good design and don’t care too much about speed and the way the phone performs. In any case, it is a good value-for-money phone and deserves to be given a chance.

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