Best Tech Accessories for a Working Professional: iPad Mini, S3 & Z10

Electronics have changed vastly over the past 10 years and currently the smartphone and tablet market have the most exciting devices available to buy. For professionals, these mobile devices have created a new way to connect with people, manage meetings and organize our daily lives more efficiently.

The most successful sub 8-inch tablet computer on the market today is the Apple iPad Mini, and the most successful Android smartphone in the world is the Samsung Galaxy S3. Together these two devices can make for an incredible combination, making the best of both Android and iOS to get stuff done and be productive. In 2013, the BlackBerry Z10 is the newcomer on the block for professionals, and this smartphone is making waves in the industry so far.

In order to get the most out of these three devices, there are a great range of accessories available to buy for protection and added features. Let’s take a look at the most intriguing:

iPad Mini accessories

The Apple iPad is the best all round tablet computer on the market today. For professional users this device can prove invaluable, with an amazing range of business apps and productivity apps. Here are some great accessories to make the most of it:

MagnaTuff Bantam – Tactus

The MagnaTuff Bantam case is a great iPad Mini case which offers full body protection with style.

Belkin portable keyboard case – £69.99, Belkin

Your iPad Mini is great, but a keyboard case would make it even better and more productive. The official Belkin portable keyboard case offers a great typing experience and great looks too.

Galaxy S3 accessories

The Samsung Galaxy S3 is the most successful Android smartphone in the world and is popular amongst professionals and regular consumers. There are some great accessories out for it, and here are some of our favourites:

Zenus Prestige case – £24.95, Mobile Fun

This is a fantastic Galaxy S3 case for any professional. This premium case is made to the highest quality and with 4.5 stars out of 5 through user reviews, it comes highly recommended too.

Quicksilver neoprene pouch – £9.95, Proporta

This cheap and cheerful neoprene case is perfect for the Galaxy S3, Galaxy S2 and also upcoming Galaxy S4. It is simple to use and offers great shock protection for your smartphone.

BlackBerry Z10 accessories

The BlackBerry Z10 is a fantastic smartphone for business use with great email functions and more security than you can shake a stick at. If you have a BlackBerry Z10, here are some great accessories to check out:

Z10 leather pocket – £14.99, Mobile Fun

This is a great official BlackBerry Z10 case which allows you to slip your handset in and out with ease. The soft microfiber inner ensures no scratches occur on the handset, whilst the leather outer is durable.

Z10 Battery and charger bundle – £24.16, Clove

Everybody knows that the Z10 has an awesome removable battery, so if you are heading out on a long business trip, this accessory would be perfect for you if no charging points are nearby.

This guest post was contributed by Holly Powell on behalf of Tactus Apple Accessories.



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